Services Fees and Insurance



Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine, first visit, 90 minutes, $150
Acupuncture, Acute first visit, 50-60 minutes, $110
Acupuncture return visit, 45-60 minutes, $90

Day of IUI/IVF, 2 visits, $170.
Cosmetic Acupuncture first visit, $175 
*Includes Cosmetic Acupuncture home care booklet*
Cosmetic Acupuncture, return visit,  $110
Cosmetic Acupuncture Packages:

5 Element Acupuncture, first visit, $150
5 Element Acupuncture, return visit, $125

Biopuncture $45 
Biopuncture added to Acupuncture, $30

Wellness Consultation, $140
Wellness, return visit, 20-30 minutes, $80 
Wellness, return visit, 40-60 minutes, $120
Cuppling, $150, 60 min, includes Cupping Set for personal use.
BioMat added to any Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, or Energy Healing visit, $20.

Massage & Pregnancy Massage 

Insurance billed massage, 50 minutes, $120
Time of service pay, 60 minutes, $90

Hello Pelvis Integrative Pelvic Therapy Treatment Protocol
Consultation: A one hour consultation is required prior to starting treatment. Included in this visit is a detailed pelvic heath history intake, external abdominal and pelvic exam, recommendations for herbs, supplements and dietary/lifestyle modifications. Appropriate referral to a Urologist/Gynecologist Physician can be given for further evaluation.
$200, new patient (50-60 minutes)
$140, current Acupuncture clients who have been seen within last 6 months.
$140, in conjunction with a Frist Acupuncture visit.

Hello Pelvis Integrative Pelvic Therapy: 6 individual sessions at 50-60 minutes per session.
$140 per treatment session.
Conditions for which Hello Pelvis Integrative Pelvic Therapy is not appropriate:
IUD, Tubal clips, surgical mesh, presence of cancer, and pregnancy.

Energy Medicine (See provider bio for type of energy work offered) 
Dawn Moss, Intuitive energy healing  1st visit 90 minutes $175.00
(includes tuning fork biofield healing)
Dawn Moss, Intuitive energy healing return visit 60 minutes $135.00
(includes tuning fork biofield healing)
Roxane Geller, 60 minutes, $135*add to Acupuncture, 45 minute session, add $85*
Roxane Geller, 90 minutes, $175

Missed appt/late cancellation fee of less than 24 hours:
$50 for Acupuncture and Massage visits
$60 for Cranial Sacral and Microneedling visits



Please check with your insurance company to verify coverage for services. We are a small clinic and cannot verify your benefits but we are contracted with most insurance companies. We will do our best to let you know asap if your appt was not covered but please be aware of your providers' network status before booking. Medicare plans often differ in coverage from their umbrella company plans as do out of state plans. Below is a mostly-comprehensive list of which companies we are in network with but does not include smaller plans. Please note that there are differences between providers and which plans they are in network with.

Roxane Geller EAMP LMT (she/her) Aetna Bluecross/BlueShield Kaiser Lifewise Regence Premera United L&I (back pain only)
Vickie Summerquist EAMP LMT MPH (she/her) Aetna Bluecross/BlueShield Kaiser Lifewise Regence Premera United L&I (back pain only)
Noelle Blanchard EAMP (she/her) Aetna BlueCros/ Blue Shield Kaiser Lifewise Regence Premera
Cybele Phillips EAMP (she/her) BlueCross/Blue Shield Regence Lifewise Premera
Brad Darr LMT (he/him) Aetna Bluecross/Blue Shield Kaiser Lifewise Regence Premera


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