Services Fees and Insurance


Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine, first visit, 90 minutes, $150
Acupuncture, Acute first visit, 50-60 minutes, $110
Acupuncture return visit, 45-60 minutes, $90


Day of IUI/IVF, 2 visits, $170.

Cosmetic Acupuncture first visit, $175 
*Includes Cosmetic Acupuncture home care booklet and our custom made Vital Facial Serum.*
Cosmetic Acupuncture, return visit,  $120

Cosmetic Acupuncture Packages:
5 Return visits: $550  *Saves $50*
10 Return visits: $1000  *Saves 200*
Package plus first visit, add $175

5 Element Acupuncture, first visit, $150
5 Element Acupuncture, return visit, $125

Biopuncture $45 
Biopuncture added to Acupuncture, $30

Insta-relief, $55

Wellness Consultation, $175
Wellness, return visit, 20-30 minutes, $80 
Wellness, return visit, 40-60 minutes, $120

Cosmic Beauty, $250.

Cuppling, $150, 60 min, includes Cupping Set for personal use.

BioMat added to any Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, or Energy Healing visit, $20.


Cranial Sacral Therapy 
Dylan Spencer, EAMP, LMT, $90

Combination Acupuncture Insurance and Cranial Sacral Therapy
Dylan Spencer, $60 plus Acupuncture copay, 55-60 minutes.


Massage & Pregnancy Massage 

Insurance billed massage, 50 minutes, $120
Time of service pay, 60 minutes, $90

Lymphatic Cleanse Massage, $100 *Includes season tea sample*

Maya Abdominal Massage 
First visit, 60-90 minutes, $175 *includes self-care instruction and castor oil kit for home use*
Return visit, $100

Hello Pelvis Integrative Pelvic Therapy Treatment Protocol
Consultation: A one hour consultation is required prior to starting treatment. Included in this visit is a detailed pelvic heath history intake, external abdominal and pelvic exam, recommendations for herbs, supplements and dietary/lifestyle modifications. Appropriate referral to a Urologist/Gynecologist Physician can be given for further evaluation.

$300, new patient (50-60 minutes)
$200, current Acupuncture clients who have been seen within last 6 months.
$200, in conjunction with a Frist Acupuncture visit.

Hello Pelvis Integrative Pelvic Therapy: 6 individual sessions at 50-60 minutes per session. It is vital to receive all 6 sessions for full therapeutic benefits.

$140 per treatment session.

Conditions for which Hello Pelvis Integrative Pelvic Therapy is not appropriate:
IUD, Tubal clips, surgical mesh, presence of cancer, and pregnancy.

Reiki and Energy Healing (See provider bio for type of energy work offered) 
Dawn Moss, Intuitive energy healing  1st visit 90 minutes $175.00
(includes tuning fork biofield healing)
Dawn Moss, Intuitive energy healing return visit 60 minutes $135.00
(includes tuning fork biofield healing)

Roxane Geller, 60 minutes, $135  *add to Acupuncture, 45 minute session, add $85*

Missed appt/late cancellation fee of less than 24 hours:
$50 for Acupuncture and Massage visits
$60 for Cranial Sacral and Cosmic Beauty visits


Gift Certificates for Acupuncture and Massage available at: Union Wellness Gift Card



Please read over our Insurance Information so that you understand the process of insurance billing and requirements for massage. This document provides you with instructions for contacting your insurance plan to determine coverage of our services.  We want you to understand your insurance benefits and our billing procedures so that you know your financial responsibility and so your time here is spent on health and wellness.

Please check with your specific insurance plan to confirm coverage of our services.

Massage - Please Read

All massage visits require a prescription prior to the first appointment. We require a prescription for massage even if your plan says that you do not require a referral or prescription. We need a medical diagnosis for billing insurance and currently Massage Therapists can not diagnose for a medical condition. The prescription or referral must be faxed to our office prior to or on the date of your first visit. Most insurance plans only allow massage for a specific pain condition. Please check with your plan to see what conditions are covered.

If your provider is not contracted with your plan we may be able to bill out of network or provide you with a superbill for reimbursement from your plan. Please contact our office for more information. 

Premera and Aetna Subscribers: We currently are not accepting new patients for in network billing for these two plans as we are booked out 2-3 months. The reimbursement rates for Aetna and Premera are $58/$59 per massage. This rate does not allow us to pay our employees an living wage or the resources to provide the mandatory administrative costs associated with billing these plans. We may be able to bill out of network for these plans or provide a superbill for reimbursement. Current and prior Aetna and Premera clients may still book with Brad Darr. 

Prescription or Referral Requirements

Your prescription needs to have massage therapist name, doctor name, diagnosis code(s), start and end dates and number of sessions. You may bring this in with you or fax to us at 206-219-0598.

Insurance and list of providers:

Noelle Blanchard, EAMP, Brad Darr, LMT, Roxane Geller
EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST

First Choice: 
Brad Darr, LMT

Kaiser HMO & PPO:
Noelle Blanchard EAMP, Roxane Geller EAMP, Dylan Spencer EAMP, Vickie
Summerquist EAMP

Kaiser PPO Only:
Brad Darr LMT

Brad Darr LMT,Roxane Geller EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMP.

Brad Darr, LMT, Roxane Geller EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMPP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST, Noelle Blanchard, EAMP

Brad Darr, LMT, Roxane Geller EAMP, Katherine Mullholand LMT, Vickie Summerquist EAMPP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST, Noelle Blanchard, EAMP

Roxane Geller EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST, Noelle Blanchard, EAMP

Regence Blue Cross, Blue Shield: 
Brad Darr, LMT, Roxane Geller EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST, Noelle Blanchard, EAMP

Regence Uniform: 
Brad Darr, LMT, Roxane Geller EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST, Noelle Blanchard, EAMP

Roxane Geller EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST, Noelle Blanchard, EAMP,

United Health Care:
Roxane Geller EAMP, Vickie Summerquist EAMP, Dylan Spencer, EAMP, CST

Insurance Billing and Payment Information 

We want you to experience your time here with minimal effort. The following information will help you become familiar with the insurance process, referrals, and Evicore. As we are a small complementary care clinic, we do not have a full time office manager. Take a moment to look online and verify your benefits and coverage.


•   Confirm that your insurance covers Acupuncture or Massage, and if you need to obtain any physician referral or prescription prior to your first appointment. An insurance benefit verification form is provided on our website for your convenience.

•   Confirm that your insurance plan covers the condition(s) or diagnosis for which you would like to be seen; most plans only cover certain conditions.

•   Confirm the number of appointments your insurance plan allows.  Keep track of this number.

•   Please know the contract is between you and your insurance carrier and you are fully responsible for any amount that they do not pay. Our office does not guarantee that your insurance will pay.

•  Keep track of your Evicore visits and expiration dates (some Premera and Regence plans only).  Notify us prior to your visit if you need prior authorization on all follow up visits.

MASSAGE Prescriptions/ReferralsPrescriptions are needed for massage prior to the first date of serviceInsurance will not cover visits without a prescription. 
The following information is required:
 Start & end dates, pain related diagnoses, number of visits, & referring doctor. Most plans only cover specific pain related conditions. Find out what is covered under your plan to be sure the condition you want treated is covered.

BILLING: Claims are submitted within 7 business days and usually processed by insurance within 30 days. If we are contracted with your plan, we agree to be paid the contracted rate, which is a set amount. Your financial obligation is the copay, co-insurance, or deductible. For your deductible, you only pay the contracted rate.
Codes billed: Acupuncture codes billed on your first visit include (99201-99203) and the standard 97810/97811 (1-2 units), or 97813/97814. On some return visits you may also see 99212 which indicates a new condition or further evaluation. Massage is coded 97124 or 97140.

QUESTIONS about balances/claims: All calls will be returned within 2 business days. Emailing our center may result in a more timely response. Checking claims online will provide details about any denied visits and may answer your questions more quickly.

EVICORE: If your plan contracts with Evicore, we are required to obtain prior authorization.  Currently some Premera (Massage) and Regence (Massage and Acupuncture) plans contract with Evicore. We only have 7 days to obtain authorization on a visit. If we do not receive your insurance information and referral (massage only) in time we will not be able to obtain approval for the visits. If Evicore denies your visits you may  appeal to your plan directly. As we have online booking, you will need to notify our office if you are coming in so we can obtain approval if you need additional visits covered. 

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