About Us: Providers and Staff

Bastyr Graduates and good friends, Roxane Geller MS EAMP LMT and Vickie
Summerquist MS EAMP LMT MPH, founded Union Wellness (formerly Union Center
for Healing) in 2007 to provide comprehensive holistic care to their
community. We  bring over 20 years of experience in the field of
Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine, Five Element Medicine, and other
Holistic health practices such as Meditation, Mindfulness and Holistic Skin
Care. Together, with the other practitioners of Union Wellness, we provide
acupuncture, wellness planning, East Asian and Western herbal medicine,
massage and other therapies. The clinic offers a compassionate and
inclusive space to receive treatment and care. We have complete reverence
and a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of East Asian
Medicine and are honored to be respectfully practicing this ever evolving
and  indiginous medicine.

The founders and practitioners acknowledge that the land in which the
clinic sits is originally indigenous land, the territory of the Coast
Salish people, specifically the Duwamish. We are grateful to be able to
serve the community in this space.

Union Wellness