Massage Therapy in Seattle

Person receiving massage

Brad Darr, LMT, has been providing Therapeutic Massage at Union Wellness since 2015. Brad specializes in: Prenatal, Postpartum, and Nursing Mothers. Migraine, TMJD, Neck and Shoulder injuries and pain Sciatica/Back Pain

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To book massage, please email Brad directly at

Massage is billed at the time of service (self pay). We can provide a superbill for reimbursement from your plan. In order for us to fill out the superbill we will need a referral or prescription with diagnosis codes included as we are not allowed to provide them.

We deeply believe in affordable and accessible healthcare and have billed Insurance Massage for 16 years. However, with increasing costs of providing healthcare in Seattle coupled with extremely low reimbursement rates and a commitment to providing a living wage for our staff we made the decision to stop billing insurance beginning in 2023.

We can still bill PIP claims for motor vehicle accidents and for L&I Claims.

If you would like to receive care using your insurance we do bill insurance for Acupuncture. You can book Acupuncture online here or contact us



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