Services: Cosmetic Acupuncture

Our faces and bodies tell the story of our life. The damage of stress, diet and aging impact our appearances and can make us feel less vibrant. Our beauty services are designed to help shed the negative impact of aging and restore a sense of inspiration and connection to our current self. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture

How It Works

Cosmetic acupuncture works on internal stressors that affect overall health as well as external evidence that can show up on our skin. Examples include dullness, dryness, and lack of elasticity. Tiny, thin needles will be carefully inserted into selected facial points. Some points might have two or three needles inserted.
The face gives us lots of information on body imbalances. The meridians (energy lines), which correspond to a specific body organ, are where we locate the acupuncture points. There are many facial points that we can target for individual needs.

From a Chinese medical perspective, the selected facial points correspond to the Yang organ meridians, where high levels of Qi and blood circulate throughout the body. These points also raise the body’s energy upward, and descend anxiety and worry. Most patients not only see skin improvement, but also notice that their eyes shine more brightly. This is called the Shen, or “spirit” in Chinese, which is a strong indicator of youth and vitality.

Based on your particular diagnosis body points will also be selected to re-establish balance within the entire body. These will increase Qi and blood circulation as well as direct them to the facial needles during the treatment.

From a modern medical perspective the tiny needles inserted into the facial points create a microtrauma to the area, drawing oxygen and blood to the area to begin repair. With treatment repetition, collagen and elastin levels are gradually and exponentially improved.


Beauty Shots/Biopuncture

Biopuncture is the use of injectable solutions into acupuncture points. The solutions help to stimulate the acupuncture points for a prolonged period of time and encourage skin rejuvenation. Homeopathic solutions designed for beauty treatments are used in our beauty shots. Beauty shots can be added to any acupuncture treatment with Vickie.

Lipotropic Biopuncture

Lipotropic biopuncture are injections of amino acid and vitamin solutions into acupuncture points. These injections help to improve fat metabolism and restore energy.

Lymphatic Cleanse Massage

The lymph system plays a critical role in shedding the effects of stress and aging. Our lymphatic cleanse massages utilizes gentle massage and acupressure to help improve lymph circulation and detox. Seasonal lifestyle recommendations and detox tea are included for home support.

Wellness Consultations

In a wellness consultation, we will identify areas of concern and help you connect deeply to yourself. Lifestyle, diet and herbal recommendations will be made to restore vibrancy to your appearance.


Union Wellness has a line of wellness products designed according to Chinese Medicine Principles for home support.


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