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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years to achieve balance and health. It is based on the theory of “qi” or life energy. This energy is the force behind a flower opening up to the sun or muscles lifting a heavy stone. Health and wellness is created by balanced and abundant qi flow in the body. Interrupted qi flow compromises the body and results in illness. Symptoms of imbalance can manifest in many ways. Chinese Medicine is individualized medicine that treats the root of your imbalance to alleviate symptoms.

In a session, we will discuss your goals for healing and come up with a treatment plan. Healing with acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a process that takes time. Through a series of treatments your body will shift into a state of greater wellness. You should see a shift after the first couple of sessions, but don’t expect a one-time quick fix for problems that have been going on for some time.  Some of our clients come in weekly, some once a month, some once every three months or as needed.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Services we offer:


Acupuncture treatments include an intake, Chinese Medicine diagnosis, and treatment. Points are chosen to unwind patterns in the body that are causing imbalance, pain and discomfort. Acupuncture points have a systemic and local effect on the body and can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including pain, menstrual disorders, fertility, mental health and more. We also offer Cosmetic Acupuncture, to learn more go to our Holistic Beauty Page.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Often in an acupuncture treatment or wellness consultation, Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas will be recommended. Chinese Herbal Medicine differs from Western Herbology. Formulas or combination of herbs are used rather than single herbs. Chinese Herbal Formulas are balanced and well tolerated by most people, making them an effective health ally.

Five Element Therapy

Five Element Therapy helps to identify constitutional patterns and emotional habits. Each person has a dominant element that influences their interactions with the people and spaces around them. 5 element treatments help to unwind these patterns with acupuncture, lifestyle counseling and bodywork. Examples of constitutional types and imbalances are:

Element  Negative Emotional Patterns  Mental/Emotional Strength 
Wood  Anger/Depression   Creativity and Passion for Justice 
Fire  Mania/Dullness   Love and Connection 
Earth  Narcissism/Resentment  Sympathy and Care for self/others 
Metal  Materialism/Judgmental   Appreciation and Minimalism 
Water  Fear/Controlling  Wisdom and Conviction 



Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine modality that uses cups to move stagnation, release fascia and improve circulation in the body. Cupping is added to our massage therapy and acupuncture sessions or can be booked separately as our “Insta Relief Treatment”


Insta-Relief Treatment

Experience our 30 minute “no-needle acupuncture” treatment. Chinese Medicine specialists use acupressure and cupping to move qi stagnation and promote balance in the body. The treatment provides powerful pain relief and helps to reduce stress. This quickie session is great for people who can’t tolerate the needles associated with acupuncture or have limited time. It can also be used as a “booster” treatment for people with chronic pain who currently receive acupuncture and/or massage.


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